List of Accepted and Registered Papers

 Group 1 :

NO Paper Title Author(s)
1 An Association Rule Mining-Based Framework For Profiling Regularities In Tactics Techniques And Procedures Of Cyber Threat Actors  Umara Noor, Zahid Anwar, Zahid Rashid.
2 Anomaly Detection In Cyber Security Attacks On Networks Using MLP Deep Learning  Teik Toe Teoh, Graeme Chiew, Edwin Franco Myloth Josephlal, Pock Chee Ng, Priscilla Benjamin, Yu Jin Goh
3 Applying RNN And J48 Deep Learning In Android Cyber Security Space For Threat Analysis  Teik Toe Teoh, Yeaz E Jaddoo, Michael Herjanto, Arivazhagan Karunakaran, Graeme Chiew, Yu Jin Goh
4 Deep Neural Classifiers For EEG-Based Emotion Recognition In Immersive Environments  Jason Teo, Jia Tian Chia
5 A New Algorithm Based On The Gbest Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm To Improve Estimation Of Distribution Algorithm  Qiuyue Zhao, Ying Gao
6 Copy-Move Image Forgery Detection Based On Gabor Descriptors And K-Means Clustering  H M Shahriar Parvez, Hamid A Jalab, Somayeh Sadeghi, Diaa Uliyan
7 Advance Strong Authentication Strong Integrity (ASASI) Protocol For Low Cost Radio Frequency Identification Tags  Madiha Khalid, Najam ul Islam Muhammad, Umar Khokhar
8 Investigation On The Effect Of Different Window Size In Segmentation For Common Sport Activity  Nurul Fathiah Ghazali, Muhammad Asaari, Norazman Shahar, Hadafi Fitri Mohd Latip
9 An Empirical Analysis Of Cost Estimation Models On Undergraduate Projects Using COCOMO II
 Mahum Adil, Faiza Tahir
10 Reducing USB Attack Surface: A Lightweight Authentication And Delegation Protocol  Arash Mahboubi, Seyit Camtepe, Hasmukh Morarji
11 Notpetya: Cyber Attack Prevention Through Awareness Via Gamification  Reyner Lika, Daksha Ramasamy, Danushyaa Murugiah, Sarfraz Brohi
12 Design And Development Of A Smart-Jacket For Posture Detection-A Conceptual Framework  Princy Randhawa, Vijay Shanthagiri, Rishabh Mour, Ajay Kumar
13 Enhancing Seamless Nurses-Physician Communication After-Hours With Google Glass Chew Esyin, Lee Pei Lee, Ho Weng Han
14 Wireless Sensor Network Performance Evaluation On Building With Zigbee Transmission  Octarina Nur Samijayani, Annisa Maulidary
15 Design And Analysis Of Generalized LED Index Modulation OFDM on FPGA
 Dwi Astharini, Nurul Ihsan Hariz Pratama, Sasono Rahardjo, Fadjar Rahino Triputra, Ary Syahriar, Octarina Nur Samijayani
16 Network Planning Optimization Of Long Term Evolution Radio Transmitter Using Taguchi’s Method  Ali Tanjung
17 Advanced Strong Authentication Strong Integrity (ASASI) Protocol For Low Cost Radio Frequency Identification Tags  Madiha Khalid,
Najam ul Islam Muhammad, Umar Khokhar
18 Comparison Power Of Semiconductor Lasers Atwavelength 1480nm Using InGaAs & InGaAsP Materials For EDFA Pumping Scheme  Satyo Pradana, Ary Syahriar, Sasono Rahardjo, Ahmad H Lubis 
19 Knowledge Management And Health-Related Services The Australian Viewpoint  Sumayya Banna
20 Performance Evaluation Of A WDM Optical Network Node With Wavelength Convertible Optical Burst Switching  Rumana Akhter,Satya Prasad Majumder


21 An Approach Of Vehicle Defects Assessment Upon Multi – Source Data  Jundian Song, Bingrong Dai, Fengyuan Liu, Rui Zhang
22 Old Handwritten Music Symbol Recognition Using Directional Multi-Resolution Spatial Features  Savitri Warad, Chitra Anil Dhawale, Rajmohan Pardeshi,
Mallikarjun Hangarge, Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz, Norhana Arsad
23 Ranky: An Approach To Solve Distributed Svd On Large Sparse Matrices  Resul Tugay, Şule Gündüz Öğüdücü
24 Facial Detection And Recognition Using Random Forest And Combined Lbp And
Hog Features In An Uncontrolled Environment On Mediu Staff Database
 Huda Mady, Shadi Hilles
25 Integrated Health Monitoring System Using GSM And IoT  Suliman Fati, Amgad Muneer, Dheeraj Mungur,
Ahmad Badawi
26 Challenges And Benefits Of Modern Code Review Systematic Literature Review Protocol Nargis Fatima,
Suriayati Chuprat, Sumaira Nazir
27 Analysis And Improvements On Current Pothole Detection Techniques  Sumit Srivastava, Ayush Sharma, Harsh Balot
28 Effect On Detection And False Alarm Probabilities By Reporting Channel Based Contribution (RCBC)  Mubashar Iqbal, Wahab Khan, Junaid Imtiaz, Asim Shah
39 Improved Data Classification Using Fuzzy Euclidean HYPERBOX Classifier  Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashok Mehta, Vijay Jha
30 Energy Harvesting For Efficient 5g Networks  FADHIL MUKHLIF, Yousef Ali, Kamarul Noordin
31 Child Computer Interaction: A Case Of Preschool Edutainment Systems  Tahreem Yasir
32 Feature Data Reduction Of MFCC Using PCA And SVD In Speech Recognition System Anggun Winursito, Risanuri Hidayat,
Agus Bejo, Muhammad Nur Yasir Utomo
33 Use Of Mobile Phone And Facility Based Server Technology In Routine Immunization
And Disease Surveillance Activities In Nigeria: Strengthening Polio Surveillance
 Godwin Akpan, Daniel Oyaole, Isah Bello
34 A Multi-Layered Annotation Scheme And Computation Model For Co-Learning Semantic And Prosodic Structures Of Chinese Discourse  Yuan Jia
35 An Empirical Study On Tonal Patterns Of Shandong Dialect  Yuan Jia
36 Smart Tutoring System For Arabic Sign Language Using Leap Motion Controller  Heba Fasihuddin, Shatha Alsolami, Seham Alzahrani, Rawan Alasiri, Afnan Sahloli
37 Early Warning System For The Continuouse Use Of Injectable Contraception, Using Sms Gateway In The Success Of Family Planning Programs  Febrina Sari
38 Personalized News Recommendation Based On Multi-Agent Framework Using Social Media preferences  Ghalib Tahir, Murtaza Ashraf, Saqib Tahir,
Sundus Abrar, Hamid Mukthar, Mustafa Abdulaali
49 Comparative Performance Analysis Between Agent-Based And Conventional Disaster Management Systems  Tooba Sammad, Ghalib Tahir, Murtaza Ashraf,
Mustafa Abdulaali, Danial Kosarifar
40 Design And Evaluation Of Cloud-Based Students Data Management System Usability  Rami Alsumaty, Irfan N. Umar
41 Extreme Learning Machine Method For Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak Risk Level Prediction  Abdul Mahatir Najar, Mohammad Irawan,
Dieky Adzkiya
42 Battery Measurement On Experimental TESTBED For ZIGBEE Wireless Communication  Dahlila Putri Dahnil, Rosilah Hassan,
Khairul Azmi Abu Bakar, Ahmad Ghadafi Ismail

Group 2 :

No Paper Title Author
1 SOFM and Vector Quantization For Image Compression By Component: Review  Shadi Hilles
2 The Adoption of Social Learning Systems in Higher Education: Extended TAM  Samer Bamansoor, Bakare Kayode, Abdulsalam K. Alhazmi, Syarilla Iryani Ahmad Saany
3 The Effect Of The Organization Factors, Technology And Social Influences On E-Government Adoption In Jordan  Yousef El-Ebiary
4 Acceleration Improvement of a Sigmoid Power Control Game Algorithm in Cognitive Radio Networks  Yousef Ali, Al-Gumaei, Kamarul Noordin, Ali Mansoor, Kaharudin Dimyati
5 MapReduce a Comprehensive Review  Mahmoud Alkhasawneh
6 An Improved Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithm  Mahmoud Alkhasawneh
7 Adaptive Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for Optimal Power Rate Allocation: Power Line Channel  Abdallah Mahmoud Altrad, Angela Amphawan
8 Latent Fingerprint Enhancement based on Directional Total Variation Model with Lost Minutiae Reconstruction  Abdilahi Liban, Shadi Hilles
9 Classification and diagnosis using back propagation Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) algorithm  Najeeb Al-sammarraie, Yahya Al-Mayali, Yousef El-Ebiary
10 An Effective Enhancement and Segmentation of  Coronary Arteries in 2D Angiograms  Sammer Zai, Asad Abbas
11 A Robust Method for Identification of Paper  Currency Using Otsu’s Thresholding  Muhammad Ahsan Ansari, Suresh Kumar Mahraj
12 Accurate Disparity Map Estimation Based on Edge-preserving Filter  Rostam Affendi Hamzah
13 Educational Data Mining: Classifier Comparison for the Course Selection Process  Sumit Srivastava, Radhesh Khanna, Saif Karigar, Rajat Agarwal
14 Multi-Class sentiment analysis comparison using Support Vector Machine (SVM) And BAGGING Technique- an ensemble method  Sumit Srivastava, Ashish Kumar, Abhilasha Dangi, Shashank Sharma
15 Ubiquitous Application Testing on Cloud  Asharul Khan, Ali Al Badi
16 Evaluation of Feature Detectors on Repeatability Quality of Facial Keypoints In Triangulation Method  Adhi Kusnadi, Wella Wella, Rangga Winantyo, Ivransa Pane

Group 3 : 

No Paper Title Author
1 Feature level fused for Multi-biometric with identical twins  Bayan Omar
2 Developing a Framework for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cloud Computing Adoption by Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia  Nouf Saad Aldahwan, Mohamed Saleh
3 Customer Churn Prediction Modelling Based on Behavioural Patterns using Artificial Neural Network & Analysis  Sanket Agrawal, Aditya Das, Amit Gaikwad, Sudhir Namdeorao Dhage
4 Identification of Age, Gender, Race & SMT from Unconstrained Facial Images Using Statistical Techniques  Rishi Gupta,Pradeep Yadav, Sandeep Kumar, Sumit Srivastava
5 Big Data Visualization: Allotting by R and Python with GUI Tools  SK Ahammad Fahad, Abdulsamad Ebrahim Yahya
6 Extended User Centered Design (UCD) Process in the Aspect of Human Computer Interaction  Mohammad Mithun Ahamed, Zainab Abu Bakar, Wael Yafooz
7 Inflectional Review of Deep Learning on Natural Language Processing  SK Ahammad Fahad, Abdulsamad Ebrahim Yahya
8 A Complex Plane Spectral Subtraction Method for Vehicle Interior Speaker Recognition Systems  Shuiping Wang, Shiqiang Li, Chunnian Fan
9 A Review of Evidence Extraction Techniques in Big Data Environment  Siti Hawa Mokhtar, Fiza Abdul Rahim, Gopinath Muruti, Zul-Azri Ibrahim, Hairoladenan Kasim
10 AESOnTeMi:Automated Essay Scoring with Ontology-based Text Mining and NLP  Jennifer Contreras, Shadi Hilles
11 Cloud Computing Review: Features and Issues  Ahmad Al-Ahmad, Hasan Kahtan
Development of Web Based E-Cooperative Training System A new route
for Saudi Arabian Universities
Rayid Alanezi, Mohammad Alanezi, Nayyar Ahmed Khan
A comparative study of reactive and proactive routing protocols on a mobility model in mobile ad hoc network (MANET) Martin Appiah, Rita Cudjoe
 14 Thermal image processing to Recognize and Quantify Pain in Human Body Naresh Pal, Aravind Kilaru, Yvon Savaria, Ahmed Lakhssassi
FlexiDC: A Flexible Platform for Database Conversion Wael .M.S.Yafooz , SK Ahammad Fahad
Development of GUI For Automated Oil Palm Tree Counting Based On Remote Sensing Imagery Shaparas Daliman
Assessing The Role of MOOC on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Green Technology Among TVET Students Siti Nur Hidayah Md Kassim
Smart Traffic for Congestion Avoidance with Multi Layered (ST-CA) Framework Nada M. Alhakkak; Ban Salman, Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie